Do you think that your chances of attending College are
about as good as seeing a Unicorn?

We're here to prove you wrong.

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College Ease

High School Counselors

Do you feel like assisting some of your Students with College planning is as challenging as getting a picture of Bigfoot?

We can help you connect.

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College Ease

College Admissions Staff

Are you finding that the challenge of reaching and recruiting Students in new areas is as elusive as spotting a UFO?

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College Ease


College Ease hopes to play a role in assisting Students who may have thought college was an impossible dream for them, see that dream to fruition. We’ve established a platform where beginning in a Student’s Freshman year of high school, they can share their academic achievements with Colleges of interest. They’ll get feedback and support from the Colleges that will help them, with the assistance of their High School Counselors, put together a plan for success - and IT'S FREE. Learn more